Switchboards Manufacture

A&E Engineering Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacture of Distribution Boards, Control Panels, Cable ladder and installation accessories. We also design, supply and install industrial and commercial power distribution, Control and Industrial Automation Systems.
Our Professional team is always ready to provide support and consultation to ensure customers can select the best solution for their requirements with the highest quality technical solutions and economic efficiency. A&E Engineering Co., Ltd has built a strict professional Code of Ethics which ensures all staff are aware of the importance of maintaining customer service and quality.
1. Distribution Switchgear Artu

ABB proposes three series of switchgear with different characteristics thought up to make it possible to select the most suitable switchgear for the installation requirements. Different sizes for optimal use of the spaces available. Great savings in storage space is ensured by the rapid assembly kit containing so few pieces that skilled personnel is not required. IP degrees of protection for all types of application up IP65 - the only switchgear to reach such a high value. Extremely sturdy and flexible, it is made for plants up to 6300A. View detail at here
2. MS2 Switchgear

he MS2 series consists of modular switchgear for floor-mounted installation. The rated current up to 6300A.
The MS2 series switchgear is ideal for primary distribution switchgear with ACB, MCCB, ATS, MCB. View detail at here

3. MB2 Switchgear

The MB2 series switchgear is ideal for terminal switchgear with MCB, MCCB up to 800A. Many versions are available, for floor-mounted installation, with depth up to 300mm. View detail at here

4. MC2 Switchgear

The MC2 series switchgear is ideal for terminal wall-mounted switchgear with modular circuibreakers and moulded-case circuit-breakers up to 400A. View detail at here

5. MS1 Control 

MS1 cabinets are suitable for floor mounting with the possibility of lateral and rear access and adjustment of the back plate position. Facilitate the adjustment plate equipment installation Panel. View detail at here

6. MB1 Control

The range of MB1 Control cabinets allows construction of electric switchboards for operation and control of technological plants.View detail at here

7. MC1 Control

MC1 Control enclosures are produced to meet the form of simple controls, the most convenient. View detail at here

8. Cable Support Systems
A&E Engineering Co. Ltd manufactures and markets standard and tailor-made solutions in the field of cable support systems for electrical installations.
We offer a complete range of cable support systems that meet the demand and requirements of customers. Cable ladders: An extensive range of ladder types and accessories provide a solution to any installation issue. Cable trays: The trays integrate easy- joining plates in time-saving installations. Industrial floor trunking: A chequer plate system ensures robust and safe protection for cables in various production environments
View detail at here

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