Technical Services

Design consulting
 Our highly experienced engineering consultancy team understand the dynamics of your sector. We’ll work with you to develop and deploy a suite of cutting-edge solutions to improve system reliability and risk management, as well as reducing the financial risk of downtime. We can impact positively on your bottom line through our specialist energy efficiency team.

We deliver individually tailored solutions, achieving the most efficient solution from the outset, avoiding unnecessary delays and unplanned costs. Additionally, our team can work alongside your own design teams or appointed contractors, filling skills gaps and offering our specialist knowledge.

Technical Services

A&E Engineering Co., Ltd has the technical skill in electric distribution, control and industrial automation systems. We have the equipment and specialized software applications for specific customers. We provide technical service and maintenance electric system required by customers. With the trend towards cost-effective operation through outsourcing, our solutions are backed by a comprehensive service organisation. If your current solution is ageing, our system evolution consultancy will help you make the right investment decisions.

Maintenance services for electric system Repair, replacement services for motors, inverters and switchgear Measurement services, energy audit Provide equipment and energy saving solutions.

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